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Very Large Array

A collage-poem for the World Wide Web,
with words and pictures

Why be in such a rush? Tune in to your favorite Net radio station or music source. Read the following as the graphic downloads to the left....

The Very Large Array is an open cluster. Contents are organized in groups of several items each, usually 1-12 texts plus graphics etc. NO Java-jive-junk banner ads, no sound effects (for now)---just a strange stillness for the person who reads with the inner eye.

Array "materials" include poems, essays, found and quoted writing, writing imitating all kinds of other writing, scanned photos and other graphics, and other surprises.

Stuff is clustered in groups, each a representative sampling of the material as a whole. These sets or globular clusters have names like Nodes, Convolutes, Gnarls, and Gnomons (see Table of Contents below).

Materials within a grouping ("Node1," etc.) may be viewed in any order that you wish. Keep jumping back to the various Contents lists to orient yourself and see what you want to view next. No frames: open your screen window wide.

This Web-based Very Large Array as a miniature version of the World Wide Web itself. It's also a fractal of itself: The Array is made up of groups of materials loosely tied together. So is each node. So is each "single" item. Imbrications, implications.... Where does the door lead to?

This Web Array grows all the time in several directions at once, like crystals grow. It also grows only as slowly or as quickly as its poor laborer (me) has time to toil in the trenches of HTML.

The Array is also always listening to the incoming signals from the strange universe of culture, like the Very Large Array after which it is named. Such arrays are called "interferometers" by radio astronomers. But where is the "Fourier transform" that will measure the kinds of interference patterns that texts and graphics make?

Comments to Peter Schmidt welcome.

Array Table of Contents

Introductory Quotations
Convolutes a k a
Ofrendas (in progress)
[imagine all are located on different spirals in the fractal below]
fractal artist: Rollo Silver

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